Carestream DRX Compass

The Carestream DRX Compass is the newest addition to Carestream's already successful line of equipment. This Radiographic suite has just the right amount of advanced features and options to take your workflow to a new level of efficiency.

  • Scalable and upgradable 
  • Digital or Analog Configurations
  • Wide selection of components lets you configure the ideal system for your needs.

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DRX Ascend OTS

Carestream DRX Ascend System

The Carestream DRX Ascend has all the options to meet your present needs, with a seemless upgrade path for your future growth. The Ascend solution will deliver top performance, and grow along with you as your needs change.

  • Ceiling Mounted or Floor Mounted
  • Digital or Analog Configurations
  • Variety of table options

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DRX Evolution Image

Carestream DRX Evolution Plus System

  • High performance, feature rich, Radiographic suite
  • Fully customizable to select options desired
  • Automated tubehead and collimator positioning, allows user to have system automatically drive to programmed positions
  • Optional table accommodates patients up to 705 lbs
  • Fully upgradable to grow with you as your imaging needs change

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Qrad image

Carestream Q-Rad Systems

The Q-Rad systems feature Carestream DRX technology, along with Smart System innovations such as TechVision and Operator Touch Control Center. The Q-Rad System provides the flexibility of selecting from Analog or Digital, allowing the system to grow along with you, and your facilities needs,

  • Analog or Digital – Move up to digital at any time
  • Floor mount or ceiling mount tube
  • TechVision TubeHead Control Technology

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DRX XFactor Image

Carestream Digital Radiography Systems

There’s a smarter way to go digital with the Carestream DRX family of DR systems. A single wireless detector works across all your DRX equipment to convert, expand, or replace existing imaging solutions. The full line of digital x-ray systems combines compatible, scalable components to meet today’s needs, and position you for tomorrow’s growth.

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DRX-Detectors image

Carestream DRX Core DR Detectors

Upgrade to the benefits of full digital x-ray. The DRX Core detector is designed to help optimize the imaging equipment you’re using right now, quickly and economically. It slides into your existing tray and converts your x-ray room into a full DR system.

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DRX-Excel-Plus fluoro image

Carestream DRX-Excel Plus

Total Flexibility
Fluoroscopic technology has been optimized specifically for large, and midsized hospitals. It combines both fluoroscopy and general radiology capabilities in one compact unit, with a single flat panel digital detector. It also delivers accelerated workflow, high resolution images, and a wide range of exams.

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Mobile C-arms

ziehm medium

As a dedicated c-arm company for nearly five decades, Ziehm has been a technology  leader in the industry.

Generators that deliver up to 25kw of power, with short, sharp pulses that produce crystal clear images, even in demanding anatomical regions.

Liquid cooling system maintains steady operating temperatures, even in high volume.

Flat panel 3D imaging, with game changing features such as ZIR and SmartScan which revolutionize intraoperative 3D imaging.

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Revolution Portable image

Carestream DRX Revolution Mobile

Sets the standard for which all other manufacturers try to duplicate. Small footprint offers tight maneuverability in crowded areas. Equipped with a 32kw generator, makes this powerful unit, a Rad room on wheels

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Revolution-Nano image

Carestream DRX-Revolution Nano Mobile

Revolutionary performance on a smaller scale, Expanding the Carestream portfolio, we have now developed a fully integrated, digital, budget friendly mobile system. This unit is equipped with Carbon Nano Tube technology, allowing the unit to be lighter, smaller, and more nimble.

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ConeBeam CT

Conebeam CT Image

CARESTREAM OnSight 3D Extremity System

The Onsight system is designed to provide pristine 3D images at the point of care. Equipped with an easy open bore and patient access to allow weight-bearing studies not possible with traditional CT. Plus site and install requirements are low, to enable a fast, and affordable set-up process.

  • Winner of the 2016 Aunt Minnie Award for “Best New Radiology Device”.

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Fuji mammo high resolution

FUJI Aspire Cristalle

The Cristalle, with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, is engineered with insight into image quality, operational excellence, and a better patient experience.

Some key features include: Very low patient dose. Small 70 micron hexagon pixel size for high resolution images. Fast 15 second acquisition time. Patented comfort paddle allows pressure to be more evenly distributed across entire breast.

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Universal Chiro Tubestand image

Universal Ray Master X-ray system

Complete with digital detector, or as a stand-alone x-ray unit. High frequency generator.

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1717WCC image

DR Detectors

Wireless, and tethered cassette sized detectors, are available in multiple size options.

Fits into existing cassette tray and auto triggers, making upgrades to digital a breeze.

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chiro image

Chiroview Acquisition Software

Complete digital image viewing solution, with numerous chiropractic measurement tools.

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Rayence Vet Table_Page_1

MYVET Table i72W

This revolutionary design provides a 72 inch SID in vertical and horizontal plane. Silent movements help reduce animal stress.

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1717WCC image

Wireless DR Cassette sized Detectors

Fits into existing cassette tray, and auto triggers making upgrades to digital a breeze.

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Rayence Vet View_Page_1


Intuitive and Direct Graphic User Interface with X-Ray detector. Optimized Exposure Conditions and Image Review.

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Rayence Dental_Page_1

EZ RayVet Cart

Ergonomic design for safety and efficiency

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Rayence Podiatry_Page_3

Proven Reliability

X-Cel X-ray Unit
Rayence Flat Panel Detector

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Rayence Podview_Page_1

Rayence PodView Software

Capture, View, and distribute digital Images. Advanced specific measurement tools.

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